Happy New Fear

A gentle reminder and some well-wishing from all of us at Lanternette Merry Crisis and a Happy New Fear I hope you all had a delightful Toyotathon and may your Honda Days be happy Let's not forget where we came from so we can enjoy where we go etc. etc.

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Gremlin Hagglers
Gremlins Haggling, 9x12 ink+watercolor. ©2020 Sebastian Stevenson.

Gremlin Hagglers

I drew up some fantasy critters haggling with an entomologist from a nearby university. Folks at the university know that gremlins know how to find the best and rarest bugs deep in the forest.

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Dragon Negotiators
Dragon Negotiations, 9x12 ink. ©2020 Sebastian Stevenson.

Dragon Negotiators

An illustration of some dragon negotiators doing what they do. This will get some color treatment one day, when I decide on the colors to use (lol).

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Ghosts of Feudalism
Ghost of Feudalism, 9x12 ink + watercolor. ©2020 Sebastian Stevenson.

Ghosts of Feudalism

You know, sometimes it just seems like people cannot shake of the ghosts of shitty things from the past. I'll spare y'all the political venting, but come on folks: get rid of that feudal mindset. It's just weighing you dowwwwwn.  

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Goosebumps: The Haunted Juul

Alright readers, buckle up, because I have the pitch of a lifetime for y'all: I am talking about a full reboot of Goosebumps, aimed squarely at Gen Z, since they don't "get" millenial humor. Know how they, like, vape and shit? Behold: We didn't get much further with the reps…

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Also: fuck your black friday

You thought I was gonna talk shit about Thanksgiving and leave Black Friday alone? Who in their right mind would have a problem with one but not the other?? Got a Goji double feature here, since I know you just wish a purely chaotic force of nature would manifest in…

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