Godzilla vs. Kong post-credit scene leak!

Hi dear readers, Did you see Godzilla vs Kong yet? If not, beware the image below cuz it has spoilers. It's ok, we'll wait for you to go watch it and come back. Alright, welcome back. It was good, right? Anyway, I saw some people complaining that there was no…

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All You Need is Love

All you need is love Maybe a push and a shove Maybe a little ass Or a big one Just the right amount of sass Something fun But also serious Something oh so mysterious And don’t forget the money Make them sweet as honey With a disposition bright and sunny…

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FTL 2: Victory at Last

This probably won't turn into an FTL fanart blog, but I finally beat the game and commemorated it with another sketch: FTL is pretty difficult, at least for me and my lack of strategy having ass. I found success with that classic move of teleporting homicidal mantid pirates and a…

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My Thoughts on Memory
My Thoughts on Memory, ©2021 Sebastian Stevenson

My Thoughts on Memory

Now with super EERIE glow-in-the-dark MAGIC! Seems to me like old memories are kinda like glow in the dark crystals. Something out in the world shines a light on them and they flare up in your mind, before slowly fading again... until the next time something shines a light on…

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