Rubious, Strong Drink

Oh, rubious strong drink
What does one think
When I sip at your sanguine sauce
I feel as though I am the boss
From whence does thine divine power come?
I feel it strongly in my bum

I drink some more and then I know
That I could use a line of blow
To sober me from this last drink
As I can no longer think

Or maintain my minimum composure
I’m blurred and distorted, a long exposure
If film is where my fate doth lie
Then lay me down here to die

Oh, rubious strong drink
It appears I can no longer blink
My eyes search farther looking for
A meaning I have not found before

A meaning that must surely exist
Whether in outstretched hand or clenched fist
Anger, spite, love, jealousy
Which of these continues to motivate me?

They all swirl as though a maelstrom within
The storm continues from birth to fin
Oh, rubious strong drink
You slow the swirl so I can think

So I can savor every color
While simultaneously making senses duller
Oh, rubious strong drink
You give me all I want, or so I think

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