Lord, have mercy On me, a sinner Lord, please believe In my heart, I’m good Lord, can’t you see That I know I should Mom, have mercy On me, a son Mom,...


Pics ‘n’ Poetry

Which made for Instagram shot do you like best? I tried emulating so many other great posts put here but felt it was a little short. Ah well, it was fun. Don’t...


I want to write

  I want to write I want to drink Don’t want to fail Don’t want to think I can’t run I’m on the brink This isn’t fun Where’s the missing link Where...


My sunset

She was a vivid sunset, setting deep behind the mountains. There was a depth and a beauty to her. More than I could ever see or appreciate. She radiated pure color. Pure...


For my pizza roll

She got a hot ass body Call her my lil pizza roll Cover her in ranch Make her a bowl Smoke her up Let her take me higher Love that body on...

the invitation

The Invitation

I got the invitation in the mail. June 15th. I remember the date. She always did want a summer wedding. You never liked the cold. I don’t know why she even invited...

threads, everywhere

Saying Goodbye

Saying goodbye can be hard sometimes Cutting all the threads that bind It’s the loose ones that get you The ones you find Caught between the cushions In the back of closets...

the rubious drink itself!

Rubious, Strong Drink

Oh, rubious strong drink What does one think When I sip at your sanguine sauce I feel as though I am the boss From whence does thine divine power come? I feel...